Unsubscribe links in emails

Allowing recipients to unsubscribe from your list with a single click is not only best practice, it's a requirement of using our Groupmail application. In this article, we'll explain how unsubscribe links work, and how to add them to your emails.

How it works

When your email is sent, the unsubscribe link in the email is replaced with a unique link for each subscriber. If a recipient clicks the unsubscribe link, our software tracks the click to the subscriber and they are instantly unsubscribed from your list.

Adding unsubscribe links to emails

  1. To add an unsubscribe link click on the text or link you wish to add the unsubscribe link, which will display the floating menu bar. 
  2. Choose "Special links/Frequently used/Unsubscribe link". This automatically adds the {{unsubscribe}} link to your message.

That's it, you've now added your unsubscribe link to the email.

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