We’ve added a new content block in the Groupmail Editor. It’s simply called HTML and it allows you to add your own, custom HTML to a message created in Groupmail.

Using your own HTML code may affect how the message is displayed in many email clients. Make sure to use HTML that is email compliant and responsive for mobile.

How do I add my HTML code?

To add your code just drag a HTML content element into your message. It can be placed alone or with other HTML content items.

The newly inserted content block will show the default placeholder text: "I'm a new HTML block". Click on it and the right-side property panel will display the HTML code editing area.

Paste your own HTML code or write it directly in the editing area. The system will highlight your syntax and indent your code to make it more readable.

Remember: you can preview your message by clicking on Action/Preview in the editor menu. We recommend you test your message thoroughly when using your own  HTML code.

Why use your own HTML code?

There are many reasons in which it makes sense to add your own HTML code:

Adding more customized content

You are not limited by Groupmail's editor and you therefore have more control of the message.

Adding advanced effects with CSS

Get creative with animations! Animation effects are not widely supported by all email clients, but managed correctly can work great.

Adding live content from external providers

Product recommendations, dynamic ads, countdowns… all of this advanced content can now be easily included in a message created with Groupmail. 

Just copy and paste the code provided to you by the vendor that you are working with. There are many vendors that provide this kind of innovative content for email.

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